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Multimedia keys and MPRIS2

| 28. November 2017 | Comments Off on Multimedia keys and MPRIS2

I had already reported about the new multimedia control in the Pulseaudio plugin. In the meantime, there was a small bugfix release (0.3.2) which does not require a major mention. But with the release of version 0.3.3, the range of functions has been extended by something important – or at least something very popular: music […]


Pulseaudio plugin with music control

| 2. October 2017 | Comments Off on Pulseaudio plugin with music control

Most people probably know the Pulseaudio plugin in the Xfce panel. Previously, its functionality was limited to volume control and mute, both of which could be done using keyboard shortcuts or the mouse. Now Xubuntu Technical Lead and Xfce developer Sean Davis has added a lot of new features to the plugin with version 0.3.0 […]