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Xfce and the Super key

| 10. December 2017 | Comments Off on Xfce and the Super key

The whiskermenu is great in itself, but unfortunately only accessible by mouse click or with Alt+F1. With a small program from Hans Chen a common behavior can be easily recreated: ksuperkey redirects the signal triggered by the superkey in such a way that the whiskermenu opens. In principle, the Xfce can also be from house, […]


Work in progress: openSUSE Xfce live ISOs

| 9. October 2017 | Comments Off on Work in progress: openSUSE Xfce live ISOs

On the openSUSE rolling branch Tumbleweed mailing list there is a pleasing sign of life regarding Xfce. Up to now, only Gnome and KDE were available as a live image, which meant for Xfce users the detour via network or DVD installation. Now Stefan Seyfried has announced to create live images from the OBS repository […]