In the last few weeks there have been a number of updates and releases of development versions at Xfce. Some of them are core components, others are programmes from the immediate vicinity. Below is a small overview with the highlights around the file manager Thunar:


The default file manager Thunar got two updates from developer Andre Miranda. Once for the current stable branch version 1.6.3 was released, mainly bugfixes and updates of the translations. Much more interesting is the simultaneously released version 1.7.0, because this is the first one with a view towards Xfce 4.14. That means in detail:

    • port to Gtk3
    • GDBus replaces dbus-glib (Background info)
    • an improved address bar
    • change to thunarx 3

The thunarx interface is an important detail, as it allows the connection of extensions. For example, via thunarx-python Pythonscripts can be connected directly to the C-code of Thunar.
Included in v1.7.0 are of course all bugfixes from v1.6.3 and translations for about 40 languages.

Correspondingly, Adam Plumb has released thunarx-python in version 0.4.0. In it he has removed all dependencies to PyGTK2 and Gtk2 in order to remain compatible with the new extension framework and thus Gtk3.

Thunar plugins

Some plugins for Thunar have got smaller version updates because they are directly dependent on them.

  • Administrative management for external devices thunar-volman has been ported to Gtk3.
  • Even the extension for archive files thunar-archive-plugin. Here the support for the archive manager of MATÉ Engrampa has been implemented.

The genmon plugin regularly calls scripts or programs, gets their output and displays them in the desktop bar. This can be pure text, but also markup content, bars, buttons or graphics are possible.

From now on xfce4-genmon-plugin can also use the markup language Pango, has received further CSS style functions from developer Tony Paulic as well as additional sample scripts for Twitter, Google Calendar and the performance monitor Sysstat.