On the openSUSE rolling branch Tumbleweed mailing list there is a pleasing sign of life regarding Xfce. Up to now, only Gnome and KDE were available as a live image, which meant for Xfce users the detour via network or DVD installation. Now Stefan Seyfried has announced to create live images from the OBS repository he has (co-)maintained.

Another goal is to extend the metapackage (called “Pattern” for openSUSE) xfce4-branding-openSUSE with the start menu Whiskermenu and to make it the standard for new installations. The changes should first flow into the X11: Xfce sub-repository and then into Tumbleweed as a next step, provided there are no serious problems. The ~500 KB more storage space is hard to cope with when looking at the extended functionality of Whiskermenu. Existing openSUSE installations will not be affected by the changes.

The planned changes and the newly created ISO images can already be tested:

There are 4 different images:

  • XFCE-Leap-42.3-latest => XFCE from X11: xfce
  • XFCE-Leap-42.3-stable => XFCE as delivered in Leap 42.3
  • XFCE-tumbleweed-latest => XFCE from X11: xfce
  • XFCE-Tumbleweed-stable => XFCE as delivered in Tumbleweed

The last two are mostly identical, but Tumbleweed-latest gets the plugin whiskermenu as a new standard menu as soon as Seyfried submits the changes.