Recently the new stable openSUSE version “Leap 42.3” was released with a lot of improvements and improvements. More information can be found in Article about the release. Further news from the development area can be found in the corresponding category.

At this point you will learn how to use openSUSE Leap 42.3 with Xfce. There are different ways to do this, but the prerequisite is always a Installation medium.

1. Installation from DVD

Once you have downloaded the full DVD version and burned it to a disc or copied it to a USB stick, you can start the installation immediately. In the graphical installer, go through all the steps up to User interface. There you select the lowest option Custom and in the next window in the left sidebar the pattern XFCE Desktop Environment. If KDE or Gnome is selected, please uncheck the box. Then confirm everything with a click on OK and continue the installation.

2. Installation as network installation

The steps are comparable to the DVD installation. The only difference is that packages are not downloaded until you select them. So you can simply run the installation without making any changes and then continue with 3. or select the appropriate pattern directly as described under 1.

3. Post-installing Xfce

Whether you already have a complete openSUSE installation or just a basic network installation, the Xfce pattern is always easy to re-install. Either you go to the graphical software management and select the pattern or you take the “abbreviation” via the terminal:

sudo zypper -n in patterns-openSUSE-xfce

After that you can restart your computer, but you only need to log in and log in again and you have a complete Xfce ready to hand! If you have installed other desktop environments, you may need to select Xfce before logging in (bottom left).