In contrast to other desktop environments, Xfce does not have its own update routine and therefore does not notify about available updates. With Xubuntu you can use the “Indicator Applet” in the toolbar. Not with Debian, because here you are generally much closer to the “standard Xfce”.

Now, however, not everyone wants to check regularly with the package manager or in the terminal to see if and what’s new in the package sources. This is where pk-update-icon jumps in, which requests updates via the PackageKit service and then triggers a notification via the notification service if necessary.

This will install a few necessary dependencies, more precisely the functions for checking and installing package updates.

sudo apt install pk-update-icon

Basically, no adjustment is necessary. All you need to do is briefly log in and out. With the installation, pk-update-icon is taken into autostart system-wide and users are informed once a day. The corresponding. desktop file is located in /etc/xdg/autostart and is therefore valid for every user of the computer.

If you still want to make adjustments, simply copy the file into ~/. config/autostart/ and edit it with a text editor. For example, in the line beginning with Exec=pk-update-icon (here marked in red) the parameter -i 21600 is added to check for updates every 6h. Changes in all other lines are hardly useful, but they don’t break anything.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=PackageKit Update Applet
Name[cs]=Aktualizační aplet PackageKit
Name[de]=PackageKit Aktualisierungsapplet
Name[fr]=Applet de mise à jour PackageKit
Name[id]=PackageKit Update Applet
Name[sk]=PackageKit Aktualizačný Applet
GenericName=Update Applet
GenericName[cs]=Aktualizační aplet
GenericName[fr]=Applet de mise à jour
GenericName[id]=Update Applet
GenericName[sk]=Aktualizačný Applet
Comment=PackageKit Update Applet
Comment[cs]=Aktualizační aplet PackageKit
Comment[de]=PackageKit Aktualisierungsapplet
Comment[fr]=Applet de mise à jour PackageKit
Comment[id]=PackageKit Update Applet
Comment[sk]=PackageKit Aktualizačný Applet
Exec=pk-update-icon -i 21600